Goodbye, Y2K

As each year comes to an end, most of us take the time to look back on the changes and occurrences. The final days of the first decade of this new century have proven no different.
The media has shown us re-caps of natural and man-made disasters, scandalous moments, record-breaking feats, financial ruins, salaries and monumental bonuses, record levels of unemployment and homelessness, villains and the occasional hero. Whether broadcast, online or print, the year-end annual focus is on people who have affected us all profoundly in ways both good and bad. Most notable are the people we have lost.
I’ve had my share of negativity this year. Many friends have lost parents, siblings and spouses. Numerous friends and neighbors have suffered debilitating and life-threatening illnesses. Please know, those who are gone are not forgotten, and I continue to keep those who are ill in my prayers for complete healing.
Y2K brought many man-made catastrophes. The illuminated ball in Times Square won’t drop soon enough for me this evening. It is my hope that this new year brings all of us peace and financial stability, people who are humane to fellow women and men, generosity of those who have to those less fortunate, and the ability to forget the negativity of this past decade. If the media focused on heroes and positive events rather than negativity, it will be a good beginning.


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An independent graphic designer, who loves to solve problems.
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